You walk into a shop with the conscious decision to buy a firearm from a licensed dealer, so what happens next?

Once you find the firearm of your choice you fill out a federal background form, also known as Form 4473. Once your portion of the form is filled out, you then hand it over to the merchant and they fill out the rest of the form. The firearm(s) you chose are then added onto that form and submitted online to the State Police Department (OSP).


After the form has been submitted you will receive one of three results: Approved, Delayed, or Denied. Getting an approval means you are able to own and take home that firearm.

If you are delayed, it means the state police need to take a little more time to look further into your background or to acquire the correct documents or records before coming to a decision. If you are denied, it means something in your background was flagged and has prohibited you from owning a firearm.

If you have a common name (i.e. Smith, Johnson, Jones, Williams) including your social security number on the form is optional but could help differentiate you. The merchant is never told the reason a customer is delayed or denied. IF you are delayed or denied, the licensed dealer will provide you with a phone number you can call to potentially resolve the issue.



***********************************************************************Selling your firearm to someone you met on online? Or maybe a friend? You’ll need to make sure you take the correct precautions. Come in to our shop and we will run a background check on the person you’re selling to. We take the hassle out of everything and the minimum it costs you is $35. That’s $25 per firearm you sell and $10 for the background check.
***********************************************************************Buying a gun you found online? Have it shipped to us! When purchasing firearms online you have to have it sent to an FFL dealer. Just type in the zip code 97302 or 97306 and we should be the first ones to pop up. It only costs you $35 cash, which you pay once the background is submitted and the approval comes through.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Feel free to call or come in with any questions regarding background checks or purchasing a firearm.

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